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Cranial Osteopathy seems passive, how do I know something is happening?

Most patients feel their body’s own physiological mechanism changing and balancing. The kinds of sensations patients may feel during their treatment range from wave like motions, heat, cold, pulsing, tingling… Whether you feel sensations or not will depend on how sensitive you are to your body and also what in your physiology is changing. Some do not report feeling sensations during the treatment but feel a change in their body after treatment e.g. a reduction in pain, calmness, lightness, more length in their spine…

What do I wear?


All patients are fully clothes for the assessment and treatment so please wear comfortable loose fitting clothes. 

Do I work on body?


I  work on and off body ( if indicated).

What should I expect to feel after treatment?


You may be sore and/or tired for 24- 48 hours. Sometimes soreness can last up to 4 days after treatment ( I will usually warn patients of this as I can predict who may experience this). Babies are usually more sleepy for 24-48 hours after treatment. Occasionally, babies will be more unsettled for 24-28 hours and again, I can predict which babies are likely to fall into this category and will give you forewarning. 


What is the difference between an physiotherapist, chiropractor and an osteopath?


There is a lot of overlap between ourselves as practitioners. I would say that the main difference is our philosophies making our treatment feel different. Physiotherapist tend to approach the body by primarily prescribing exercises. The spine tends to be the focus for chiropractors and osteopaths tend to address the problem area whilst also addressing other areas of the body. The key to remember as patients is that there are so many different ways in which your body can be approached which are all equally effective. As a patient you need to find an approach and practitioner that suits you. Some symptoms can take time to ease especially if they have been with you for a long time, however, if you find yourself in a position where your symptoms are the same after having received treatment over many weeks if may be time for you to consider finding another practitioner.  

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